CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2022 Answer Key: Term 2 Biology Paper Analysis

CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2022 Answer Key Term 2: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Successfully conducted CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2022. All the information about CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2022 Answer Key Term 2 is discussed in the article.

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) conducted the Class 12th term 2 Biology Exam 2022 today on 30 May 2022. CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Biology paper started at 10:30 am for the duration of two hours. The Biology paper was conducted for a total of 35 marks. Students were also given 15 minutes of reading time to read the question paper. There were 13 questions in the 12th term 2 Biology paper.

According to Shalini Almadi, PGT Biology at VidyaGyan, Bulandshahr, the question paper of the Biology Term 2 Exam was moderate in difficulty. Of the 13 questions, six were application-based, involving graph and diagram analysis, two were case-study-based, and the remainder were assessment-based. The biology term 2 exam paper required a conceptual understanding of all the topics covered in the syllabus.

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The biology term 2 exam paper had a well-balanced and perfect mix of application and memory-based questions. Some biology questions focused on critical thinking and asked students to provide more detailed feedback. It was not a time-consuming paper and could be completed on time.

According to Seema Behl, Principal, Brain International School, “The Class 12th Term 2 Biology paper was balanced, with a mix of easy and application-based questions. The questions were mostly straightforward from NCERT books. Some questions were application-based, candidates of class 12 can expect a score above 30.”

The question paper for CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam 2022 is well balanced and student-friendly with a good mix of analysis, application, and memory-based questions. Students who read the NCERT books thoroughly will do well. Dr. Lipika Tamuli, PGT-Biology, Modern English School, Guwahati said that the students could easily complete the paper in the allotted time.

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