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The iconic National War Memorial (NWM) Monument was dedicated to the nation by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 25 February 2019.

The memorial comprises dedicated areas in honor of soldiers who have been awarded the country’s highest gallantry award ‘Param Vir Chakra’. The design of the memorial exemplifies the supreme sacrifice made by a soldier in the line of duty which makes him immortal and shows that the spirit of a soldier remains eternal.

The memorial has different schemes of concentric circles, such as the Amar Chakra, the Veerta Chakra, the Tyag Chakra, and the Rakshak Chakra.

Visit National War Memorial (NWM)

The visit to National War Memorial will help inculcate high moral values, sacrifice, national spirit, and a sense of belonging to the country among the students. Therefore, it is advisable that schools may plan a visit to the memorial for the students. Kindly inform the parents also for organizing family visits in the National War Memorial.

The National War Memorial being a sacred place, please be sure to display respectful and dignified conduct and strictly follow the do’s and don’ts during the visit.

Guidelines for National War Memorial Visitors

Please follow these guidelines regarding Do’s at National War Memorial and Don’t at National War Memorial:

Do’s at NWMDont’s at NWM
It is a holy place; Please display respectful and dignified conduct.
Don’t make noise or talk loudly.
Follow the designated routes only.Smoking and consumption of alcohol/drugs are strictly prohibited.
Put the mobile phone in ‘Silent’ mode.Please don’t touch the murals, busts, and honor walls.
A flower can be placed at the base of the walls of the Tyag chakra.The lighting of candle/diyas (lamp) is not allowed.
Pay appropriate respect at Amar Chakra. While entering Param Yodha Sthal.Do not carry eatables, bags or suitcases.
People in unorm to salute.Do not use a tripod or professional photography stand.
Take care of the children accompanying you.Display and pasting of posters or graffiti are prohibited.

Activities at National War Memorial

  • Retreat drill just before sunset on a daily basis.
  • Change of Guard Ceremony & band display before Retreat Drill every Sunday.
  • Band displays at Public Plaza on important occasions.
  • Public and Routine Visitors.
  • Tours are organized by Scouts and Guides, NCC Cadets, Schools, National Integration Tours, Colleges, etc.

Significance of National War Memorial

A war memorial is a building, monument, statue, or edifice to celebrate a war or victory or to commemorate those who died or were injured in war. It provides the opportunity for visitors to develop a conscious association with the site, with the institution, and the people in whose memory the structure has been erected. The monument attempts to invoke a deep and dynamic experience and serve as a symbol of inspiration for future generations.

Since independence, over 26,000 soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces have made the supreme sacrifice to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country. Thus the National War Memorial (NWM) represents a nation’s gratitude for its armed forces.

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The memorial will help inculcate a sense of belongingness, high moral values, sacrifice, and national pride among our citizens. It will be a testimony to the sacrifices made by our soldiers during various conflicts, United Nations operations, humanitarian aid, and disaster response missions since independence.

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