Introduction of Sanskrit and English for Class 9 10 for Academic Session 2022-23

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases a new notification regarding the Introduction of Sanskrit and English for Class 9 10 for Academic Session 2022-23. We provide complete information about these CBSE Circular “Introduction of Sanskrit (Code No.119) and English (Code No. 101) at the second level for classes IX-X from the academic session 2022-23”.

Para 4.38 of the New National Education Policy 2020 stresses the need to offer subjects at two levels to bring more flexibility to the students in the options available for their future studies.

As school education aims to equip students with the specific competencies needed for their future academic and career paths, the subjects at the two levels align more closely with different interests, providing opportunities for students who otherwise these topics are completely missed.

In pursuance of the above recommendation of New Education Policy 2020, the Central Board of Secondary Education has announced the introduction of Communicative Sanskrit  (Code Number 119) and Communicative English (Code number 101) in class IX from the academic session 2022.

This will be extended up to class X in the year 2023-24. Both the levels are based on the same educational objectives, curriculum and syllabus, and the assessment model adopted by CBSE.

It is underlined that the new communication level is not a diluted version of the language and literature level. However, it will include a range of additional communication-based activities to allow students to explore communicative aspects in more depth following more personalized & localized language adapted to their interests.

The assessment proficiency will be equally demanding for both the levels and the assessment will be standardized and graded by CBSE following the same rigorous principles for all its subjects.

A student will be eligible to offer only one level that is either Communicative or Language and Literature of Sanskrit and English. Schools desirous of offering these languages ​​do not require any special permission from CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and use the existing faculty to teach these subjects adhering to the state’s administrative norms with regard to the number of weekly classes to be taught by a teacher.

Schools will indicate these subjects in the registration details of class IX students as per the procedure. Syllabus and course material for these languages will be available on the CBSE Academic Website from April 2022.

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