Online Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme 2022 (MTCP) on IPGKBA

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) releases a new notification regarding the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme 2022. In this article, we provide all important details regarding the Online Malaysian Corporation Program 2022.

The MTCP (Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme) was officially launched on 7 September 1980 at the Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting in New Delhi, India to reflect Malaysia’s commitment to the South-South Cooperation, in particular, the Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC).

MTCP lays emphasis on the development of human resources through the provision of training in various areas which are essential for the development of the country such as agriculture, economy, finance, public management and administration, science and technology and ICT, health diplomacy, security and security Including cyber security, cultural diplomacy, social development, environment-related SDG2030, education, industrial and technical training. Annually, Malaysia offers over 60 technical and capacity-building programs under the MTCP, benefiting over 35,500 participants from 144 countries.

Objective of MTCP

  • To share the development experience with other countries;
  • To strengthen bilateral relations between Malaysia and other developing countries;
  • To promote South-South Cooperation (SSC); and
  • To promote technical cooperation among Developing Countries

Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme 2022

Communication has been received from the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance with attachment informed that the Republic of Malaysia aims to organize a program on “Capacity Development for Administrator of Primary Schools by the Institute of Teacher Education, International Language Complex” IPGKBA).

The above program is mainly for the Headmaster/Headmistress of the primary school. The MTCP course will be conducted by the Teacher Education Institute International Language Complex, Ministry of Education Malaysia (@IPGKBA). The Malaysian Technical Cooperation program is sponsored by the Government of Malaysia and starts from 8 to 12 August 2022. For more information regarding the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme, Read the official notification given below.

Click here to view the Official Notification

All Headmasters/Principals of Primary Schools affiliated with CBSE are requested to check the eligibility criteria/conditions, the link for registration, and other information about the syllabus is available in the brochure (detailed information is attached) and submit the application through the proper channel.

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